Isolator Fitness Isobag 3 Meal Management System Black/Black / Insulated Lunch Box / Insulated Lunch Bag

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THE HIGHEST QUALITY MEAL BAG YOU CAN BUY: ISOBAG® We claim that the ISOBAG® is the world"s best meal management cooler & we mean it! We use only Prop 65 compliant materials, top quality YKK Zippers, heavy insulation & top of the line chilling ISOBRICKSTM that go in a “out of the way" pocket in the main compartment & it"s hand assembled in the USA! The 3 meal ISOBAG® is the ULTIMATE meal management bag! Durable and highly versatile, fitting 3 -38oz. containers or 4 or more -28oz or smaller containers makes your ISOBAG® a reflection of your personal diet needs. Our bag is approx. 40% smaller & lighter and can hold more food than our competitor"s. Our 3 meal ISOBAG® weighs 2.5lbs empty, while our foreign made competitor"s 3 meal weighs 5lbs… EMPTY. Our 3 meal ISOBAG® measures 14″ x 9″ x 8″ and the competitors 17.5″ x 9.5″ x 9.5″. Our bag allows you to pack more meals for a fraction of the weight, size and price! Your ISOBAG® also comes with double the amount of containers, providing additional convenience to your meal system. The ISOBAG® features a easy access front loading compartment that stores our stackable food containers, 2 insulated side pockets and 2 outside mesh pockets for quick access nonperishable items such additional bottles, phone, keys & headphones. The top of our bag features an additional nonperishable storage compartment good for protein bars, vitamins/supplements, utensils and much more! The ISOBAG® also includes a padded shoulder strap, maximizing the comfort of carrying your bag. Isolator Fitness is a company committed to helping you achieve your goals by providing as much convenience as possible and by adding a harness and sidekick bag to your meal management system you can convert your system into a backpack! Each one of our bags comes with a lifetime warranty on our American made zippers & stitching, valid upon registration. Isolator Fitness is highly recognized in the fitness industry for the quality and durability of their products.1 Lunch Cooler

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