What Is a Gym Food Bag Exactly?

A gym food bag or a meal preparation bag in general is a specialized bag, either in backpack style or a duffel bag style that allows a user to store ready made food in containers securely during transportation. Meal preparation or otherwise known and meal management is a process whereby a person plan and prepare their own meal for consumption. Meal management is often carried out by someone who does not advocate eating food prepared by eateries outside as it may not contain the nutrition that they require. It is also done frequently by someone who is following a very strict diet and can only consume a set plan of nutrients contain in his food. Someone like a a cross fitter or a competitive athlete. However this bag is generally used by many other regular people like you and me who wishes to consume self prepared food to maintain a healthy diet. Meal preparation can either be advanced and extended or a short term meal.

Tips on Buying the Best Gym Food Bag

As mentioned earlier, if you are a regular gym rat that goes to the gym and workout religiously rain or shine or perhaps you are person who is very conscious about the type of food that you eat and does not like to eat just about anything thrown your way, then I am sure you must have prepared your own meal to bring to the gym during your work sessions to keep you energized before and after your workout routines.

Having the right diet and eating home prepared food is a way of life for the fitness conscious. It is important to know how cardiovascular exercise affect your heart Regular guys also use a meal preparation bag to bring ready cooked food to their workplace for consumption rather than eating unhealthy food outside.

To be successful in maintaining a well balance body and looking great, you must be committed to a diet routine that helps you to achieve your fitness goals, regardless what they are. So it is no surprise that you find your self preparing you own food for consumption during your workout trips or even when you are working in the office. But how you manage these foods that you have prepared and carry them around? How do you ensure that will remain fresh throughout the day? The answer is through the use of a meal plan bag or simply among gym guys, a gym food bag.

Even people who are trying to loose weight uses this meal prep bag to manage their diet so that they can don"t fall off the wagon. You can use these tips on how to create and maintain a fitness plan here. If you are looking to shed some fat, check out these cardio machines that work for fat loss.

Sure, you can chuck your prepared meals into your regular gym bag or backpack, but how it"s gonna turn out later is anyone"s guess after all the traveling, knocks movement. But I would guess that it"s going to turn out pretty messy.

However using a gym food bag is a totally different story as these meal plan bags are made specifically to hold your prepared food in neatly organized containers and carefully stacked inside the bags. Good gym food bags have multiple compartments that stacked up neatly one on top of the other and it contains padding to absorb the shock and movement when you are traveling around.

Preparing Your Own Food Is Key To Healthy Living

Perhaps why most people don’t seem to eat correctly is that they are too busy or they do not have the time to pick what they eat, let alone prepare their own food. But I think this is the weakest reason that anyone can think of for not eating healthily. On the contrary, you can always practice eating clean and right but practicing and keeping to a few habits in your daily life and you will be amazed at the transformation you are able to achieve with this new healthy eating lifestyle. There are some ideas below that you can start to try out and I am sure you will love them. They mostly involve preparing these meals on your own using simple steps that you can also pack them up and store in meal preparation bags to carry them with you to work.

Start off by buying ready made clean meals such as pre-stirred vegetables and even meat. These food are precooked and all you need to do it to heat them up and store them for use later. Although some of these food might contain some form of preservatives, it beats eating out on an unhealthy meal with high carbs and sugar in them.

Frozen vegetables are also a favorite among health conscious eaters. You can easily store them =up in ZIP Lock bags and heat them up when you want to eat them later. This will safe you loads of preparation time and give you a nutritious meal at the same time. They are not expensive and you can safely and recklessly eat them in great amounts without any problems. For those that is on a weight loss plan, preparing your own food is the way to go. However, it is advisable not to rush your fat loss process

The same goes with frozen marinated chicken or beef that you can cook at a moments notice. You can chop or slice them up first before refrigerating them and cook them a short notice. There is absolutely no excuse for you not tom prepare your own healthy food if you are serious in keeping yourself healthy. Some of these food can help you build lean muscle

Types Of Food Gym Bag

There are basically 2 types or styles that you can buy. The first style is the regular duffel type bag and the second is shaped liked a backpack. Depending on your preference of whether you like to carry your back sling across your shoulder or having it strapped behind you, they offer fantastic organization compartment and insulated protection for warm meals.

What Makes A Good Gym Food Bag And What Features Should You Need?

  • The bag should be insulated. This is ensure that food kept inside this meal management bag is always warm and ready to eat when ever required.
  • A minimum of 5 layers of stackable space. This ensures that you have a wide variety of dishes in your diet plan to carry around
  • Compartments to keep your utensils such as spoon and fork, knives and even a pair of chopsticks
  • Non collapsible when unused.
  • Separate Compartments for water bottles and supplements.
  • Food grade Silica Gel packs to keep moisture away and to keep the food fresh for at least 8 hours or more.
  • Separate compartments for keeping clothes, shoes or other personal items.
  • Internal compartments for holding keys, wallets, cellphones and other small items.
  • A comfortable and adjustable shoulder strap to ensure maximum comfort when carrying it around.
  • Lightweight
  • Durable exterior material such as waterproof 900 nylon

    How Expensive Are They?

    For a fitness enthusiast or a health conscious person, buying a good meal management bag is a small price to pay. However the good news is that most top rated gym food back is only between $25-$45 making it super affordable for almost everyone. Meal plan bags such as those sold by proX – Insulated Meal Prep Bag Lunch Box Full Meal Management System and ThinkFit Insulated Lunch Boxes are below $40. There are many others sold in Amazon for around $30 each that comes with a host of super features mentioned above. Most also have compartments to carry your health or protein shakes securely. You can read whether meal replacement shakes whether they are Nutritious for you here.

    Where to Find One At The Best Price

    Lots of online stores carry various brands and models of gym food bag. Or you can even buy them through your local sporting store but prices do vary vastly from store to store. However for a wider choice of brands and models, head on over to Amazon and check out their collection. Their prices are very competitive and with Free Returns and Free 2 days shipping if you are Prime member, you will definitely find something you like that suits your budget.

    proX Insulated Fitness Lunch Box

    Product Description

    Manufactured from an excellent thick ultra-strong honey comb polyester material this top quality lunch box containers are super easy to use. All the containers use a 4-sided snap lid design that prevents any spillage from the food stored inside. These containers aren"t those cheap quality like the ones in the marketplace that is not durable and have a very short life span. The manufacturer, proX made it certain that you get the best out of these meal prep containers and that you can use them many times over and enjoy your prepared meals and diet daily.

    proX Meal Prep bag main function is for the health conscious women and men and for athletes of all levels. Each fitness food bag contains six high quality plastic storage containers that happen to be microwave, dish washer and disposal safe. The containers are divided into 3 bigger containers with 2 compartments and also a plastic spoon and 3 smaller containers with 1 compartment.

    In addition, the shaker cup also comes with three storage units for your pills, supplements and protein powder that can be connected to the bottom of the cup. There is also an extra vitamin pill box and a reusable ice pack to keep your food cold at all times.

    ProX ensure that they built this bag to last the rigors of your daily usage routine. The inner part has a PEVA lining with additional EPA foam which is covered with a thick ultra-strong honey comb polyester to keep your meals and supplements secured at the right temperature for your use

    An additional insulated side pocket lets you keep your personal belongings and the side mesh pocket is useful to keep your water bottle or protein shaker. The thick insulation and huge ice-pack will keep your food fresh the whole day.

    Whether you are an athlete or just a health conscious adult, you can use this meal prep cooler bag for work, school or in the gym

    Features At A Glance

  • Best meal prep bag for portion control
  • Essily adaptable for quick carrying
  • Sturdy and firm size
  • Double insulation to kept food warm
  • Made of thick and strong insualted materials
  • 100% Lifetime Warranty

    What Are The Advantages?

  • Ability to keep food warm or cold through the use of the ice pack
  • Generous compartments for personal belongings
  • Included shaker bottle is convenient for storing protein or other supplement shake
  • Super strong zippers
  • Great price point
  • Nice design adds to the overall pleasing aesthetics

    What Are The Disadvantages

  • Some containers does not close properly

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    ThinkFit Insulated 6 Portion Control Meal Prep Lunch Bag

    Product Description

    The ThinkFit Insulated 6 Portion Control Meal Prep Lunch Bag has been a popular choice among users for many years and is a great all round lunch box. The containers may looked a little on the smallish but don"t let that fool you as you can really hold some great and filing portions in there It has also has shaker bottle that have all the features that you will.

    Included in this cool meal management bag is a pack for storing your sup0plements and vitamins but if you have plenty of them, you may want to use your own additional ones. Side pockets of this bag is also a convenient feature for you to pack those personal items that you carry around all days long such as an MP3 player, battery charging pack or your headphones.

    It is one of the best best meal prep bags for the diet conscious users in the market today. These bent lunch box containers are made of premium quality and easy to utilize without much hassle. The four sided snap lid design permits the users to have extra security for their personal stuffs and it"s also made for easy storage and removal. A lot of the portion control containers out there currently now are flimsy and quickly leak after multiple uses or have lids which might be difficult to remove, but ThinkFit"s lunch containers are sturdy, durable, long-lasting and have a fairly easy to secure and take away lid creating this lunch cooler perfect to utilize every day.

    Whether you are in search of lunch boxes for adults or lunch boxes for the kids this product is perfect. Each box is sold with 6 plastic storage units that are microwave and dish washer, disposal safe (2 – 1.5 cup serving containers and 4 – 2.5 cup serving containers), 1 – 20 oz BPA free Shaker Cup with 3 bins that hook up with the bottom of the cup, 1 – 7 compartment push button vitamin pill box, 1 – reusable ice pack, one more storage pocket and shoulder strap.

    Keeping foods and supplements secure and also the right temperature is essential and these bags are produced for daily use. The bag handle is double stitched to prevent tearing and keep the bag from remaining your hand. We have double insulated the luggage to make sure any occasion . stay the proper temperature the whole day. We be aware that the days get long therefore we want to make certain your bag works with the stress and strain just like you

    Features At A Glance

  • Best lunch box for portion control
  • Versatile for easy carrying
  • Compact size
  • Double insulation to kept food warm
  • Made of heavy duty and strong material for long term use
  • 100% Lifetime Warranty

    What Are The Advantages?

  • Easily keeps great portion of food
  • Extra compartments for other personal items
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Super strong zippers
  • Great price point
  • Great customer service

    What Are The Disadvantages

  • The included cold packs are a big letdown as it does not hold the coldness very well. You may need to put in more ice packs if you need your food to be cold for a long period of time.

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